About Us

The Los Robles Coffee Project

Without an equitable share of the money that we all spend on coffee, coffee-growing families and communities will continue to lack the resources necessary to invest in basic services like health and education. The Los Robles Coffee Project builds bridges between often-isolated coffee communities in Nicaragua and conscious coffee consumers in the U.S. with a direct and transparent business model.

We partner with farmers in northern Nicaragua to bring their coffee to market in the U.S. in a way that increases their share of revenues, creating a framework for investment in their community health initiative called the Nicaragua Community Health Connection (NCHC). NCHC covers the 552 families (approximately 2,000 residents) of Los Robles, a coffee-growingcommunity just outside of Jinotega.

Our goal for the current harvest year is sell 10,000 pounds of coffee. The revenues generated from these sales will cover 50% of NCHC’s current annual operating expenses.

The model is really quite simple. For every one pound of roasted coffee:

·       $6.00 per pound is your retail price*

·       $1.93 per pound is paid to the farmers at the time of harvest

·       $1.00 per pound is invested in local health programming (NCHC)

A total of $2.93 (49% of the retail price) is dedicated to economic development within Los Robles. The remaining 51% covers the cost of milling, international shipping, handling, and roasting.